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Just a little introduction to the guys at paradox and what were like :)

Interview the crew: Wil Edge

Introducing the one and only Wil Edge!

We’ve decided to give you an inside look into our daily lives at paradox , so  here’s a few common questions about our lives and modifications. we wont hold back  and will answer honestly !If you see any ideas of think of something you might like feel free to check out the website.

The will
The man himself doing some complicated additons.


Today we get to find out about Will Edge.
– So to get started of, what piercings do you currently have?
. I have 2 scaffolding piercings in my ears, a stretched lobe, a stretched septum up to 7mm and I have a dermal anchor in my back.

– What was your first piercing ?
. My lobe.

– What was your most recent piercing?
. My Bridge.

– What is your favourite piercing and why ?
. My stretched septum because i think it looks cool, and not a huge amount of people have it stretched this big (8mm).

– Do you have any stretched or punched piercings?
. Yes my ear and my septum.

I don’t think he’s quite got his head around those additions.


– How long did your stretching process take and how did it feel?
. My septum initially was quite sore to stretch, and quite difficult when I started. It got easier after about 3mm as the jewellery got heavier it helped to naturally stretch it and wasn’t so painful when I went up in size.

– Do you find your septum smells, and if so what of?
. It does most definitely smell, it does acquire many different smells such as, cheese, cat food, stretched earlobe, sour milk, sometimes it smells meaty and very occasionally it smells like vagina.Yummy.
– Would you give any advice to someone considering stretching their piercings?
. Be patient above all else, taking a short cut might be a good way to get what you want, but in the long run it may cause you unhappiness.

– which piercing did you find hurt the most?
. My septum I guess.

– Do you have any previous piercings that you have taken out or choose not to wear any more and why?
. Yeah I had 4 labret piercings on my lower lip, I took them out because when I was practising MMA they weren’t allowed , and when I went to put them back, they had closed up and I couldn’t get them back in.

– Do you have any interesting piercing stories?
. I have been known to hang my keys from my septum ring to help the stretching process.

– How may tattoo’s do you have?
. I have on on my ribs, one on each collar bone, I have my lower lip tattooed, and one on my forearm.

– Which is your favourite and why?
. My lip ones because people always think they are lip rings and studs, even when stood closely, when I tell them they are tattoos the looks of peoples faces are priceless. Especially when people say to me “where can I get really thin lips rings like yours?, they fit so well to your lips”.

– Which was your most painful tattoo, and what would you rate the pain level on a scale or 1-10?
. My ribs, I’d rate it at about a 5 and a 1/2.

– Do you have any body modifications planned for the future?
. Lost more tattoos.

Bye Wil ! 🙂