Halloween: Paradox is going treat-tastic! Are you ready?


We have so much going on for you guys this Halloween! We’re so exited to let you know that it’s all treats and no tricks!

The first treat we have in store for you is an amazing competition!

It’s a Costume competition!!!

On the 31st of October between 11am and 5pm, if you come to Paradox to buy any  jewellery or to Metal Fatigue for a new piercing, make sure to wear your best Halloween costume!

We will photograph all costumes and our judges will choose the best one!

The lucky ghoul will win a free piercing in Metal Fatigue and a free piece of body jewellery in Paradox. The body jewellery will be for a healed piercing only.

The winner will be announced at 6pm on the same day on Paradox and Metal Fatigue Facebook pages!

Don’t miss this one out! Start preparing your costume and get ready to scare us!

Halloween competition

The shop staff will be fully kitted out for this competition too! Lets see if you can out do them!

Now for the second treat!

If you don’t already know about  our rewards system you will now.

All you have to do is Pop to the shop to grab your reward card for free, and get it stamped every time you spend £10 on jewellery in-store. When you have 6 stamps, you get £10 off your next purchase! And don’t worry, the card doesn’t expire so it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get it fully stamped, you’ll still have your reward!

That’s how we show you how much we appreciate your visit!


At last your final treat!

Over the next few weeks we will be doing a deal where if you spend £10 on jewellery we will give you a free pair or single plug, (depending on if you have 1 or both ears stretched) in your size. this will be for a limited time only and when its gone its GONE!

Even better, you will still get your stamp on your card!

*Stock and sizes are limited. Paradox Body Jewellery cannot guarantee we will have your specific size. Colours and shapes picked randomly. Plugs to be fitted only in healed lobes.

Just because we’re nice, if you need a hand with your costumes we have some “bloody” plugs in for Halloween this year!

blood Globes
A delightful trick to play on people with these realistic goodies!

We also have a glow in the dark range for you to light up your night.



So don’t wast time and pop to the shop to enjoy all these amazing treats!

Happy Halloween! 🙂

Go Natural: Buffalo Horn Plugs and Tunnels

Are you tired of smelly and itchy ear lobes? Man made materials like acrylic or surgical steel can be a pain but it’s alright! You can go natural! Find out what natural options you have to replace your plugs/tunnels! Today, we will talk about Buffalo Horn.

buffalo horn
Please be aware that organic jewellery is only for healed piercings.

One major factor that is concerning about buying a natural products such as buffalo horn, is if the animals harmed for the production of this jewellery. Thankfully, no they aren’t. The horn is a by-product, meaning no animals are killed for this purpose. The horn it’s self is is low value and is a very small part of the whole animal usage.

Check these beautiful buffalo horn laser cut plugs.

The advantages of wearing buffalo horn in your ears are very rewarding as it is a completely non toxic material. It’s biodegradable and made up with fibres of keratin, a protein found in your hair and nails. Buffalo horn is great for the wearer because it allows the skin to breathe , it will not go cold in as the climate changes . it is usually in a very beautiful black or blonde/ brownish colour and is not chemically oxidised (by most manufacturers) so you can appreciate your product in its natural beauty.

You can quite often find that you can get beautiful plugs made of buffalo horn and are inlaid with other products such as bone , wood, metal and natural stoneware.

Buffalo horn and buffalo bone inlaid tunnels.

This material, however, needs to be well looked after in order to avoid possible problems. It can get dried out which would cause it to brittle and crack. These cracks can attract bacteria that can lead to irritations or infections.

There is a tiny bit of maintenance to keep your buffalo horn plugs looking the best they can and stop them from getting dry. The first step is to never autoclave your buffalo horn plugs and to never use regular soap on them (as this will help to dry them out).

The next step would be to at least 1 a month make sure you moisturise your plugs with any of the following natural ingredients : Coconut oil , jojoba oil , extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oils . This will help with  the flexibility of the buffalo horn and maintain the natural beauty of it.

These oils are also brilliant for the elasticity in your skin , and great for helping your ears stay healthy!

Please be careful do  not wear these products if you are aware that you may be allergic to them or think that you could be  and never wear natural materials in unhealed lobes. Consult your professional piercer before changing your jewellery.

Click here to check our Buffalo Horn range.


Advice: How to keep your fresh piercing clean.

“Oh my God, I need some advice! I’ve had my piercing for 3 weeks and its leaking yellowish stuff that goes crusty and itchy. I think it’s infected!”

But is it?

We see this confusion on a daily basis, people often come in telling us they have an infection that is to  do with either their body jewellery or the piercing.  There are a lot of factors that can lead to discomfort, prolonged soreness, itching and inflammation but very few of these cases turn out to actually be an infection. And it can be sorted very easily !

This is what your healed piercings should look like.

One very big aspect of nurturing a a piercing is HYGIENE! We see an awful lot of cases where people have been given lots of different advice on how to clean their piercings, watched various videos on Youtube or just asked their mates what they should do and sometimes, they’ve been given no advice at all and have no clue!

Some of the most basic mistakes that we see are what people are actually using to clean their fresh piercing with. Antiseptic sprays, table salt, TCP, Iodine, Germolene, surgical spirits, Dettol and other such products like these. The problem with using products like those on your piercings is that they are full of chemicals that  can be far to harsh for your fresh piercing and will cause irritation to it.  All you really need is some good old Sea Salt, and only a small amount of it with each use. If you do use to much salt in ratio to hot water, you do run the risk of giving yourself a salt burn.

Here is a link to our Instructions on how to make a salt solution.

Sea salt is your best friend!

Sea salt is the best cleaning option for your piercings.

Another common mistake is what materials you’re using to clean your piercings with. Although you may not see anything conspicuous about cotton wool, it can be your worst enemy when you are trying to clean your piercing. The reason why we don’t recommend using cotton wool to clean your piercing is because the fibres that make it up can very easily wrap around the piercing , and if not removed or spotted it can sit on your piercing collecting bacteria , which could be pulled through your piercing and could possibly land you with a nasty infection. We would recommend using something a lot less fibrous such  as tissue or kitchen towel and other materials that are bonded together, to reduce the risk of any fibres getting into your piercing.If you can do without any of these it would be even better !

As you can see this material is very fibrous , and these are the fibres that can cause you the trouble!

The last Issue id like to talk about is Make-Up . Make up should never be used around a healing piercing . Why, you ask ? Because make-up grows bacteria in it! So putting make up on your healing piercing could (and does quite frequently) cause infections. This also applies to products like fake tan.  We understand you will still want to wear make-up, so if you do intend to do it during this healing process, we recommend you leave at least a 1 centimetre radius around the piercing and if you use make up brushes to apply your make up, make sure they are very clean before each use.

Please take extra care when using brushes and make-up around a healing piercing.