Reward Points

How it works:

If you are a registered customer, every time you buy products on our website, you earn reward points. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for any piece of jewellery or fashion lenses you want, as long as you have enough to cover the whole cost of the product in points. The price in points is shown below the price in pounds (or any other currency you use). The more you buy, the more you earn. If you're buying multiple items, the reward points can be used to buy the cheapest item in your basket only. To buy multiple items with reward points, you must make multiple transactions.


  • All orders placed by registered customers are entitled to earn reward points.
  • The exchange rate to earn points is roughly 10 points per each £1 spent in body jewellery on the website.
  • Jewellery items that vary price with gauge, lenght or diameter won't earn you extra points. The points are earned for the starting price of the jewellery only.
  • The points will be rewarded after the payment confirmation and order processing.
  • There is no expiration date for the points earned. They will be stored into your account for as long as you want.
  • The points cannot be exchanged for percentage discounts or used in store. 
  • The points can only be used to exchange for actual products. They cannot be used to buy gift vouchers or pay for shipping. 
  • You cannot transfer your points to other person. They are exclusively yours.
  • You won't earn reward points for products bought with reward points.

Our Goal

We want what you want! Send us ideas or suggestions for body jewellery you want to see on Paradox! Unique body jewellery is hard to come by, especially of high quality, so let us find it for you! Paradox Body Jewellery is here to serve you and we want our customers to feel like they are part of the crew!

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