Wood is a very popular material for making plugs and tunnels for stretched lobe piercings, as it is a porous organic material that allows the jewellery to breathe. This can help to reduce that awful cheesy smell that can sometimes be associated with stretched lobes.

Triple layer wood plugs.

Triple layer wood plugs.

Wood pieces are great, but they need to be cared for to keep them that way. As a natural material it can dry out over time so we suggest you using a mineral oil or jojoba oil to keep it moisturised and avoid cracking of the material. Also avoid excessive exposure to water, take out your jewellery before a bath or shower to avoid cracking, warping or splitting.

Unfortunately, as wood can not be autoclaved and safely sterilised, it should not be used in fresh, initial piercings or unhealed stretches. Save your lovely wood body jewellery for when your piercing is completely healed!

Many body jewellery manufacturers are now creating more advanced, beautiful wood pieces by carving them into shapes, inlaying them with horn, bone or gemstones and painting patterns under the finished surface of the material.

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