Surgical Stainless Steel is one of the most common materials for decorative body jewellery, as it is only suitable for healed piercings and should not be used to pierce the body initially. 316L is a surgical implant grade of stainless steel that complies with the European Nickel Directive, which states that steel is not suitable for the initial piercing or for the healing process.

A decorative Stainless Steel tongue bar.

A decorative Stainless Steel tongue bar.

Surgical steel body jewellery is comprised of a number of alloys, many of which are used for body jewellery but only a few are proven to be biocompatible. The material which usually causes allergic reactions in some people is nickel, however 316L grade allows for a reduced exposure to the nickel molecules and reduces the risk of a flare up or sensitivity. Steel is also quite a heavy material.

Those who are particularly sensitive to metals should wear alternative materials such as Titanium or even a biocompatible fluorocarbon polymer (PTFE).

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