So, you want to get pierced? If you value your well being, do your homework and choose your piercer carefully. The popularity of piercing has brought an abundance of frighteningly irresponsible butchers into the piercing business and, contrary to popular opinion, most counties do not yet regulate the piercing industry appropriately. Consider carefully before you trust your body to just anyone. Familiarise yourself with the Piercee's Bill of Rights.

Any professional piercer should be able to answer a confident 'yes' to all of these questions. Even one 'no' should lead you to consider a different studio if you value your health and safety.

- Has a professional, open attitude?   Yes   No
- Studio is clean and well-lit?   Yes   No
- Piercing is done in a special, separate room?   Yes   No
- Has an autoclave and an ultrasonic cleaner?   Yes   No
- Can prove autoclave is spore tested monthly?   Yes   No
- Uses sterile, disposable piercing needles?   Yes   No
- Uses individually sterilised and bagged tools?   Yes   No
- Uses fresh latex gloves with every client?   Yes   No
- Complies with all licensing requirements?   Yes   No
- Uses titanium, implant grade steel, niobium or other appropriate piercing jewellery?   Yes   No

If a piercer meets these additional qualifications, it's likely that you're in the hands of a true professional, and will have a great piercing experience.

- Offers to show you the studio, including sterilisation area?   Yes   No
- Is prepared to offer on-going assistance and follow-up with your new piercing?   Yes   No
- Has on-hand a portfolio of well-healed, successful and attractive piercings that s/he has done?   Yes   No
- Changes gloves and disinfects surfaces frequently, avoiding cross-contamination?   Yes   No


If you observe any of these tell-tale signs of a hack, turn around and LEAVE. No professional piercer would do any of the following:

- Has a 'know-it-all', arrogant demeanor?   Yes   No
- Claims to be 'certified', 'licensed' or 'approved'?   Yes   No
- Seems more interested in your money than your safety?   Yes   No
- Base of operation is a van, tent or home basement?   Yes   No
- Uses an ear piercing gun, especially for piercings other than earlobes?   Yes   No
- Uses earrings in body piercings?   Yes   No
- Piercing is done in the same room as hair-styling or other services?   Yes   No
- 'Sterilises' tools in a liquid disinfectant?   Yes   No
- Tools laid in the open air?   Yes   No




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