A selection of labrets and rings for use in your lip piercing. 

Never change your body jewellery before your piercing has healed as it can cause irritation and leave you more prone to swelling and infections.
BioFlex™  Labret and Tongue Retainer

BioFlex™ Labret and Tongue Retainer


As its official distributor, is proud to offer our customers a w.....

Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring (BCR)

Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring (BCR)


Ball Closure Rings are suitable for many piercings and may be worn in ear lobes and cartilage pierci.....

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We want what you want! Send us ideas or suggestions for body jewellery you want to see on Paradox! Unique body jewellery is hard to come by, especially of high quality, so let us find it for you! Paradox Body Jewellery is here to serve you and we want our customers to feel like they are part of the crew!

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