Paradox Body Jewellery will not be held responsible for innappropriate use or application of its products. By purchasing goods from our store you, as a person or company, are agreeing to indemnify of any responsibility for damages or injuries which may occur from the use or misuse of our products. In addition, it is the buyers responsibility to accept the risks that are associated with body piercing and other body modifications along with the manner in which our products are used.

All products marked as "cosmetic use" should only be worn in fully healed piercings and for short ammounts of time as its shapes or materials can cause irritation if worn continuously.

All products at Paradox Body Jewellery are sold new and unused and are not sterile unless specified otherwise. Although not sterile, all jewellery are suitable for immediate use but it can be washed with neutral soap prior to wearing if you wish.

We thank you for shopping with us and hope to see you again soon.  



Our Goal

We want what you want! Send us ideas or suggestions for body jewellery you want to see on Paradox! Unique body jewellery is hard to come by, especially of high quality, so let us find it for you! Paradox Body Jewellery is here to serve you and we want our customers to feel like they are part of the crew!

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