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Smooth Segment Rings – Get to Know Your Jewellery

Smooth segment rings were inspired by ball closure rings (BCRs) but while a BCR has a captive ball, the smooth segment ring features a curved segment that “pops” out to open and close the ring. When the segment is in, the smooth segment ring looks like a smooth, solid ring. This gives you a very sleek look and segment rings look wonderful in almost any piercing.


Smooth Segment Rings
Smooth Segment Rings


The fact that smooth segment rings are completely smooth means that they can be rotated 360 degrees through the piercing. This means that they are easy to clean, very comfortable to wear and much less likely to snag on clothing or hair. Smooth segment rings are ideal for facial piercings and ear piercings – areas where you might not want a bulky BCR. They are able to lie flat against the skin, perfect for septum piercings, lip piercings and tragus piercings. In many of these locations the ball on a BCR would press into the skin, but a smooth segment ring remains comfortable.

To open a smooth segment ring you need to pop out the segment, which can be quite difficult if you are just using your hands. Segment rings are designed to hold onto the segment tightly, which prevents them opening accidentally. So the best way to have your segment rings placed is to take them to your professional piercer and ask them to put the ring for you.

Titanium – Piercing Materials Guide

Titanium is a very lightweight and strong metal that is great for using in initial piercings, as it less likely to react with body fluids and cause an infection or irritation, is very resistant to corrosion and is the most bio-compatible metal. It contains less than 0.05% nickel, becoming one of the preferred materials used in body jewellery manufacturing and piercing across Europe. It has become a popular alternative to surgical steel, 9ct gold and other materials that contain higher levels of nickel.

Titanium BCR
A ball closure ring mad eof titanium.

It can be sterilised in an autoclave and anodised to create an oxide layer of colour on the jewellery. However, constant wear in oral piercings may cause the colour to fade over time, due to the acidity in the mouth and in certain foods and drinks.

Titanium body jewellery here at Paradox is all made using 6AL-4V commercially pure Titanium, which is certified for medical implant use and conforms to the European Directive 94/27/EU for initial piercings.


Titanium Labret
Titanium Labret


You can check out our range clicking the link below:

Organic Tunnels – Horn and Bone Stripped Double Flare

Check out these amazing buffalo horn and bone striped organic tunnels! We just got them in many different sizes. They have a polished finish so they will look nice and shiny on your stretched lobes. 

Organic Tunnels

They vary in gauge from 8mm to 20mm. Pop to the shop or check it online!

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They are so cool Jordan couldn’t resist and got a pair for herself!